Ingmar H. Riedel-Kruse

Molecular and Cellular Biology (primary)
Biomedical Engineering
Applied Mathematics
Genetics GIDP

Life Sciences South Building; Office: 552 / Lab: 522+526
1007 E. Lowell Street  |  PO Box 210106  |  Tucson, Arizona 85721 ingmar@arizona.edu



Research Interests:
Understanding and Engineering Multicell Systems and Behaviors.
Approaches: Synthetic Biology, Biophysics, Microbiology, Mathematics, Interaction Design


Selected Publications:

  • Synthetic adhesin biophysics and living material tuning Matter 2024
  • Methane into electricity and value chemicals via microbial fuel cells Renew Sust Energ Rev 2023
  • Adhesion logic and universal interface patterning Nature 2022
  • Perspective on Human-Biology Interaction Front Comput Sci 2022
  • Delay equations for modeling biological network motifs Nature Communications 2021
  • Engineering and modeling of multicellularity Current Opinion Genetics Development 2020
  • Immersive full-body interaction with living cells Nature Biotechnology 2019
  • Scientific discovery games for biomedical research ARBDS 2019
  • Polygonal motion and phototaxis in microswimmers Nature Physics 2018
  • Synthetic cell-cell adhesion for programming multicell structures Cell 2018
  • Biofilm Lithography: Optogenetic cell-surface patterning PNAS 2018
  • Lego liquid handling robots PLoS Biology 2017
  • Spatiotemporal programming of active particle swarms LabChip 2017
  • Realtime interactive biology cloud labs Nature Biotechnology 2016
  • Signaling delays and error correction in lateral inhibition patterning Phys Rev Lett 2016
  • LudusScope: Playful DIY smartphone microscopy PLoS1 2016
  • Design rules for interactive biotechnology DiGRA/FDG 2016
  • Biotic game design course PLoS Biology 2015
  • Ethics of playing with living matter HCR 2014
  • Biotic games: Engineering, design, utility LabChip 2011
  • High-resolution 3D recording of neuronal activity JNeurophys 2009
  • Synchrony dynamics, noise, and coupling in the segmentation clock Science 2007
  • Flagellar beat regulation by molecular motors and boundary conditions HFSP 2007
  • Self-organized sperm vortex arrays Science 2005
  • Electron transmission through quantum barriers Phys Rev B 2001


  • Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA
  • Associate Professor, Molecular and Cellular Biology, University of Arizona, Tucson, USA
  • Assistant Professor, Bioengineering, Stanford University, Stanford, USA
  • Postdoc, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, USA
  • PhD Biophysics, Max Planck Institute of Molecular Cell Biology and Genetics, Dresden, Germany
  • Business Consultant, Accenture, Germany
  • Diploma Physics, Technical University Dresden, Germany
  • Civil Service, Hohnstein, Germany
  • Abitur, Werner-Heisenberg-Gymnasium, Riesa, Germany